Hi, my name is VJ and I'm a common wombat. If you don't know what that is, click on the name to read all about my species. I'm glad you could join us today for some fun!! If you haven't met me before, maybe I should tell you a bit more about myself!
You see, besides being a common wombat, I am also a travel buddy! Don't know what that is?  Well let me tell you, it just has to be the best job in the world!! I get to travel all around the world visiting classes of school kids in all different places and countries.

I've just finished visiting Rochedale State School in sunny Queensland and now I'm on my way to Wisconsin in the United States!!

However that's not what I really wanted to tell you about today. You see, before I got to Rochedale State School, I had this great adventure that I'd like you to share with me, with some games and puzzles to solve along the way!! Click on my footprint for the start of my BIG adventure!!

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